Supported care in Birmingham

After working for 18 years in the healthcare industry, I founded KAK Healthcare to help vulnerable people regain their independence through supported care in Birmingham. I have personally nursed a variety of vulnerable people including those with learning disabilities.

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Giving vulnerable people a chance to live their best lives by supporting their complex care needs

I want to get out there to help people, especially younger people, to live their best lives by providing the necessary care. I also wish to inspire others to get into the field of care, and provide them with the opportunity of working with vulnerable people with physical or mental health disabilities. Helping with the provision of 24 hour care for those in a residential or community setting is highly rewarding.



Supported living for people with learning disabilities.


KAK Healthcare Services' mission

KAK Healthcare Service’s mission is to create a caring home where you feel valued with dignity and respect, in a comfortable, safe place. Our experienced team provides you with professional supported care in Birmingham, assisting you in achieving the best quality of life possible. With good understanding and willing hearts, we promote and enhance your way of life and the choices that you make.

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Why choose us?

1. We provide care to those who are less advantaged in society

With us, everyone is equal and should have an equal chance to thrive in society, whereby the care that we provide to those who need it will feel enabled to live independently within the community.

2. Personal, emotional, and social support gives our clients a chance to live like everyone else

It helps each individual feel safe and happy to connect with their community. Residents get their own key to their own room; they can do things themselves there with the support they require.

3. Therapy and rehabilitation services are included

We redevelop users' core skills – like cooking, washing, cleaning, shopping, making appointments, using public transport and more. This enables further independence.



We enable mentally and physically disabled people an equal chance of independence